Base Construction

The player expands his underground Base wide and deep - digging new rooms and extending the lift shaft. The deeper you go - the more it costs both in credits and time.

When an empty room is ready the player can build there something useful - for example a factory or a hangar. The construction will take both resources and time.

Many rooms require blueprints that are acquired in missions. The blueprints and resources are also required for room upgrades.

Some Important Rooms

Factory - produces military units. You need to upgrade your factories and find more blueprints in missions to build advanced units.

Research Center - upgrades (levels-up) your units. Each unit class has its own upgrade sequence (tree) - there are stats increments, adding of new module slots, new powerful abilities and perks. You need to upgrade your RC to get access to high levels of upgrade.

Workshop - Improves units with modules inserted in module slots. The player should use the modules to adapt the units to his own tactics and gameplay style. Once inserted the module affects all units of a single unit class (for example all Assault Helicopters). The modules are looted in missions and produced by Laboratories.

Laboratory - produces modules. You need to upgrade your Lab to get access to advanced modules.

Storages and Hangars - the former is used to store resources and the latter - to contain units. The Hangar space directly affects how many units you can take to mission.

Foundries and Uranium Factories - produce metal and uranium. You will need to take control of resource locations on global map to build these facilities.