AP - Action Points


A player can do a number of actions during his turn and this is limited by current Action Points score (AP). Moving a unit (for any distance), attacking or using special abilities - any such action costs 1 AP.

To deploy a unit from a player’s hangar he has to pay it’s AP-cost that can vary a lot depending on unit. For example an Assault Vehicle costs 1 AP while an Attack Helicopter - 8 AP.


Obtaining AP

At the beginning of combat a Player receives from 5 to 35 AP depending on mission.

Note that any AP left in deplyment mode automatically transfer to the 1st turn (that is - they are not wasted).

Every turn a Player receives a certain amount of AP. That amount depends on:

  • Base value of AP depending on mission + Every turn it increases until it reaches its maximum (usually 10 AP per turn)
  • +1 AP for every captured location.

A Player cannot own more than 35 AP. Any excess points are lost.