A unit can attack the enemy if in range and a clearline of sight is present.

Using an attack costs 1 AP. So if you want your unit to move and then attack - it would cost 2 AP.

Attack Damage statistic is just that - how many hit points this attack will destroy. Unit’s Damage stat is shown on its banner (left number).

Hit Points is another primary stat of a unit - shows how much punishment a unit can take before it is destroyed. Unit’s hit Points stat is shown on its banner (right number).


Area that a unit can attack is highlighted with red dots. Read more on hex highlights.

Special Abilities

Many units have (or can receive with upgrade) various Special Abilities - powerful, long-range or area attacks, repairs or target marks.

Some of these abilities have a Cooldown (reload time) - one or more turns after it has been used.

Use them wisely!