Once upon a time there lived a human race. And humans built transnational corporations. Sooner or later - humans started to travel in space, and corporations started to do it first. Very soon, corporations got the most valuable and rich planets and said - all those planets are belong to us now. Sortly after, VIP’s began aristocratic dynasties and now are Kings and Dukes, very different from an ordinary folk.

But not only corporations found their place among stars. Noiselessly someone else got control over a huge part of space. Those who were childs and successors of transhumanists, those who tried to adapt human bodies to the harsh conditions of open space and hostile planets. And they got so far to fully get rid of their bodies and become some kind of Hive of interconnected cyborgs - Augments, very different from humans in all moral and physical aspects.

And here the fairytale ends and War starts, because those two systems can’t live together in peace. At all.

So Lords, Dukes and Kings created super-mega-hyper-cool battle mechs (to show their power on the first place) and led their armies to the war. But human lives were a scarce and valuable resource to spend it for the big armies. And the main power of Kings were fully automated battle machines and drones. The only drawback of those was that Augments constantly tried to hack them, so piloted battle mechs and other battle machines were rare but very important.

And now War becomes politics, because it is easy to see, that those who have big battle mechs are Lords and Aristocracy and those who don’t are serfs and peasantry. And lords were trying hard to keep these distinctions in place. Sooner or later, but people got used to the idea that Kings and Lords defend them from dangers of space and they only need to work hard to be ok. And the salaries were good, and there were even vacancies!

The only vertical mobility option left was to participate in a war and gain enough honor to be promoted.

And they lived happy ever after. Sort of.