The Augments

Augments (Derived from Augmented Transhumans). Have roots in the transhumanist movement on Cerera in 22-24th centuries, which started to improve humankind to better adapt it to a harsh extraterrestrial environments.

“Ideal Community” where everyone has a computer plugged in one's brain. It sees ordinary humans as a resource for additional computational power, and forces everyone they get to - to become one of them, which also gives them means to control the population. In the same time they see it as a salvation for the captured human, because they just saved one from inevitable death. Augments live very long lives and die only from accidents or on war. So they think that it was very cruel to forbid any augmentations in the human kingdoms.

Augments quickly lost the ability to speak, instead transferring an information directly from one brain to another.

Augments do not communicate with the Human Kingdoms at all. They are not very aggressive to ordinary humans, they are just picking one planet or another once in awhile to “save” all the population, making Augments from them by force (which means getting rid of bodies and placing brains in special working suites, with chips installed directly in the brain).

On the other hand, Human Kingdoms are very aggressive and hostile towards Augments. The half of all the Human Kingdoms participated in The Second Great Crusade. For humans it was a holy war for the survival of the human kind.


The Crusade ended poorly, despite that Kingdoms managed to get a hold on a couple of secondary planets, there were multiple casualties among Aristocracy and the resources of Kingdoms were depleted.