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Tactical Advice

In this article we will share tactical tips and tricks that will allow you to be victorious in seemingly hopeless situations.

Stratagem: Reduce their numbers

Whenever you have a choice - damage two enemy units or destroy one, - usually, it is better to choose destruction. There are several reasons for this:

  • The destroyed unit cannot be repaired next turn.
  • The less enemy units are in the field - the fewer attacks you will receive.
  • Killing enemy units one by one you will (sooner or later) exhaust their hangar. And the enemy will have nothing to deploy! Attention, this may not be true for some missions!

At the beginning of the turn, you should ask yourself: which units can I destroy this turn? And then concentrate on this task. Do not forget to count how much AP you will spend on moving, shooting, and deploying units.

As always, this advice should not be treated as a dogma. In some cases it is better to do the opposite - use logic and your natural cunning!

Stratagem: Capturing strategic points


The strategic points (or settlements) have two important roles:

  • They bring 1 AP per turn to its owner.
  • You can deploy your units next to them (on the next turn after capturing - that is).

Therefore, in many missions the best tactic is to get ahead with two or three Assault Vehicles and grab as many points as you can. Even if these vehicles are lost in process - they will fulfill their role.

Sometimes it makes sense to grab an enemy-controlled point, even if it will be lost next turn. The enemy will not be able to deploy units near it.

And remember! Grabbing the enemy strategic point, you not only add yourself +1 AP per turn, but also steal 1AP per turn from the enemy!

In addition, to kill your Assault Vehicle and to grab the point back the enemy will spend a minimum of 2 AP in his turn, which he could spend in a more dangerous way for you.

Stratagem: tanks and artillery

A simple but effective method.

Artillery is great for causing great damage from far away and from behind the obstacles. And tanks can keep annoying enemies away from fragile artillery.

Be wary of sudden Assault Vehicle raids through the roads or daring Drone breakthroughs over the mountains!

Alternative ways to win

In some missions in order to win, you do not have to engage in a positional grinder, waiting for the enemy to run out of units in the hangar. Sometimes it is better to slip into the rear of the enemy and destroy his base or fulfill the mission's goal.

Of course, this may require a clever combination, or a distracting attack - a simple leap to the goal is likely to fail.

But this approach allows avoiding the battle of attrition, and therefore, saving your own units.

Sacrificial Assault Vehicle, Sacrificial Tank

AI opponent willingly accepts sacrifices - if you expose a unit, the enemy will try to destroy it. This natural bloodthirst of the enemy AI (hehe) can be exploited in many ways.

  • Sacrifice an Assault Vehicle to lure a valuable enemy unit from a favorable position.
  • Deploy an Assault Vehicle next to your base, so that the enemy may be distracted by it. Sometimes this can save you from an imminent loss. A stronger unit (a tank), although more expensive, will last longer.
  • The Assault Vehicles are great for diversions - fast, cheap, but capable of causing a lot of trouble.
  • Cunningly exposing an Assault Vehicle for just 1 AP, you can force AI to spend 2-3 AP to destroy it. Of these small wins, the advantage gradually develops.
  • Even more effort the enemy will waste to destroy a “carelessly exposed” tank, especially if it is upgraded and stuffed with protective modules.

AP Balance


When the rivals are equal, and especially when fighting vs. another player, the winner is the one who manages to get more AP per turn and who spends it wisely.

This takes some experience, but here some tips for the beginners:

  • Points, points, points! Do not let the enemy receive additional income from captured settlements. This is especially important at the beginning of the battle - the advantage earned early will accumulate with each turn.
  • Sometimes you should not spend all APs on your turn, but leave some for the next one to complete a planned operation or deploy an expensive unit.
  • Kill expensive enemy units. To deploy their replacements the enemy will have to spend their AP cost again. Similarly, don't waste your own expensive units.

Example: If you've captured 3 points, and the enemy - only one, then this gives an AP advantage equal to a tank in two turns!

Прием: выманивание врагов

Выбрав юнит врага, вы видите, куда он может дойти (зеленые гексы) и куда он потом может выстрелить (темно-красные колечки).


Выбирая вражеские юниты по очереди, можно найти такие гексы, куда можно поместить юнит-приманку, чтобы выманить определенного врага.

В некоторых миссиях противник ведет себя достаточно пассивно, если его не провоцировать, и таким образом можно относительно безопасно выманивать врага по одному.

Как быть с хакером?

hacker.jpgХакер Аугментов может стать реальной проблемой, из-за способности захватывать юниты под свой контроль. Ниже приведено несколько советов, как с ним бороться.

Старайтесь выманивать Хакеров по одному, без юнитов поддержки.

Не ленитесь выбирать вражеского Хакера и смотреть, куда он может добраться, чтобы случайно не подставить под него ценный юнит.

Хакер - приоритетная цель, уничтожайте его в первую очередь, если можете.

Хакер не может захватить юнит героя - используйте роботы главного героя и других рыцарей, чтобы не допустить Хакера к своим простым, беспилотным юнитам.

Часто бывает, что ваш юнит, захваченный хакером, проще убить, чем дождаться, пока он “освободится”.

Если миссия закончилась, то все взломанные юниты возвращаются под контроль изначальных владельцев.