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Special Abilities

Special abilities are what makes the unit unique, and adds new tactical capabilities.



A protective field that protects the owner from the first attack this turn. On the next turn the field turns off for recharging.

There is a special enhanced version of Ward field, which protects neighboring friendly units as well, and does not require time to recharge.



Protection decreases any incoming damage by 1. It cannot reduce damage to 0.

It's priceless for tanks and other units that are often attacked by enemies.



This is the ability to provide fire support once per turn to a friendly unit attacked by enemy.

It does not work vs. Target Mark, area attacks, hacking and similar exotic actions.

There is an advanced version of this ability, allowing fire support twice per turn.

Counter Attack


This is the ability to respond to an enemy attack if the attacker is within firing range. It works once per turn.

There is an advanced version of this ability, allowing Counter Attacking twice per turn.

Indirect Fire


This ability allows fire over obstacles that block the line of sight.

Artillery is a typical unit with Indirect Fire ability.



Regeneration restores a fixed number of hit points per turn to its owner.

There is an advanced version of this ability that 'heals' all adjacent friendly units.



This ability allows you to freely move past enemy units, ignoring their Zone of Control.

Forest Move


This ability allows the ground unit to move through the forest without penalties.

Hit & Run


Usually a unit can either move first, and then attack, or vice versa. But if it has the 'Hit & Run' ability, then it can move both before and after the attack.

Scorpion aura


A heavy assault-engineering vehicle - Scorpion - increases the attack power of all adjacent friendly units.

Self destruct


The Self-propelled mine, self-destructs when attacking, damaging all enemies within a radius.



This unit attracts special attention of the enemy. If an enemy unit can shoot at this unit, it cannot attack anyone else.

Unfortunately, this ability is ineffective vs. area attacks.

Особые действия

Маркировака цели - Target Mark


Вешает на цель “Марку” целеуказания. Любой входящий урон по цели увеличивается вдвое.

Ремонт - Repair


Восстанавливает цели заданное количество очков прочности.

Взлом - Hack


Некоторые Аугменты умеют взламывать АИ техники, переманивая юниты на свою сторону на ограниченное время. Не действует на героев, другую пилотируемую технику и самих Аугментов.