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Units and Types of Movement

Some units move on ground while others hover over it.


The ground units cannot move over mountains and water. They are also slowed by difficult terrain.

Flying units move freely over any obstacles.

Moving a unit costs a player 1 Action Point (the cost does not depend on movement range - only on the fact of movement).

Move Points

A unit can move for a number of hexes based on their Movement parameter (Move Points - MP).


Landscape Types

Open. As the name suggests, it's just a more or less plain terrain. It does not interfere with movement or shooting.

Roads. The best way to move ground units is on the roads. Movement cost is reduced to 1/2 MP per hex. So a unit can pass twice as far when riding on road.

Mountains and chasms. Impassable for ground units. The mountains also block the line of sight.

Woods. Woods slow down the ground units. Movement cost is 2 MP per hex of wood. That is, in the forest a unit will cover only a half of the distance per turn. Woods, as well as mountains, block the line of sight.

Settlements. Settlements do not slow the movement of units and do not block line of sight.


Bases and dropships are massive structures, they are impassable for units. They can be attacked by enemy units.


Hex Highlights

The most reliable way to know where you can move, and where not - is to select a unit. When you do, the green marks highlight hexes, where the unit can go.


The same trick works on enemy units too. This allows predicting enemy actions.


More information on hex highlighting can be found here: Hex Highlights.

Zones of Control

Enemy units affect the movement.

First, you cannot pass through an enemy unit.

Second, there is the concept of the Control Zone - you cannot move past the enemy. That is, the step that led to contact with the enemy, “eats” all the movement points of the unit.

Special Rules

Atmosphereless planets. There is no atmosphere on Elonia (the Scifea's satellite) and most of the flying units are useless (they cannot even be deployed). An exception is units that use anti-gravity for flight, for example, Hacker Augment.

Forest Move - some units easily move through the forest, and do not slow down.

Ignore Zone of Control - some units can ignore the zone of control of enemy units - and “slip” past them.

Hit & Run - usually a unit can either move first, and then attack, or vice versa. But if it has the “Hit & Run” ability, then it can move both before and after the attack.

Советы по Тактике

  • Используй летунов, чтобы добраться до труднодоступных точек.
  • Дешевые быстрые юниты очень полезны в начале боя, когда надо опередить противника при захвате точек. В конце боя их можно использовать для добивания.
  • Дороги - это наиболее очевидное направление, по которому будет наступать противник. Стройте свою оборону соответственно.
  • Летуны не получают бонуса от дорог. Поэтому в зонах с развитой дорожной сетью часто выгоднее использовать джипы.